About Us
image William (Bill) Dykes started his career 60 years ago at a young age collecting and trading antique coins. In high school shop class he was selected to do antique furniture restoration for the principal and teachers. Bill still harbors fond memories of winning the wood-working award as a junior in high school.
In a few years he was given his father's antique revolver which began a lifelong love of collecting and dealing antique firearms. Bill purchased his first 1851 Navy Colt revolver at age 18 for $12.00 dollars and later sold it for $25.00. He earned his college education by dealing in antique weapons. In his early years he uncovered many rare pieces of Americana, one being a rare, silver mounted bayonet sheath with bayonet. Within days of college graduation he purchased a collection of over 350 antique weapons and with the sale of one rare dragoon he paid off the balance of his college loan. His interests in Americana spans from the American Kentucky Rifle to the full gamut of American furniture, textiles and accessories.

In 1969 he retired from engineering for a full time career in the antique business. He spent the next three years traveling America, Europe and Asia in search of antiques. He opened  his first antique shop in the early 1970s and a few years later opened an antique restoration business that employed five restorers.

In 1981 he relocated to Wiscasset, Maine and began the long, laborius task of restoring the oldest homestead on the National Register in Wiscasset; the Groves-Hodge House dating to 1732. The house sits prominently on a rise in the center of Wiscasset and for Bill and Mary Ann it is truly a reflection of their passion for antiques.

Bill has worked with many well known antique dealers in the United States and Europe, notably John Walton and Albert Sack. He can boast of being one of a few who spent time at the Sack workshop in New York. Bill gave up the appraisal business in the late 1980s but continues to evaluate important estates throughout the United States.

Mary Ann Dykes spent 38 years in the interior design industry representing Edward Fields Custom Design Floor Coverings, Vladimir Kagan and Yale Burge Furniture. These designs are classic and highly collectible today. Her sharp eye and interior design experience have helped the Dykes recognize and sell pieces like a pair of George Nakashima chairs. Mary Ann's design background, sales experience and antique knowledge are a natural compliment to the business.
Her 39 years of marriage to Bill reflect their mutual affection for the antique business and for each other.